Videos – applied soil food web knowledge

A growing collection of relevant videos is being gathered here.

If you know of other valuable links in this category that focus on soil health and regenerative growing please share below. Thanks!

Practical ways to restore soils

Todd Harrington developed the use of the soil food web approach for a range of interesting and challenging situations.
Valuable perspectives and in-depth nuanced understanding from hands-on engagement.

Todd Harrington speaking with 30+ years of experience about how to restore soil microbiology
Farming microbes for tree health

Joseph Carey, arborist and plant health & soil food web practitioner from is in conversation with Richard Perkins from Ridgedale Farm. Joe reflects on setting up a business to address the needs of trees at the root zone:

Compost making enthusiasm from the happiest market gardener

Charles Dowding really looks at what works, runs trials comparing dig and no-dig methods. Here he talks about his composting method (very hands-on and practical), but also explaining some of the theory:

A growing collection of relevant videos will be gathered here.

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