A Christmas puzzle. What might a microscope tell us?

Last month a marvellous opportunity presented itself. I spoke with a UK grower, who had just completed a trial. They were interested in how different soil treatments might impact growth of annual flowers. These might possibly be perennial, if it was a mild winter (though effectively they are treated as annuals). The grower had takenContinue reading “A Christmas puzzle. What might a microscope tell us?”

Hope, fear and skill building

Two main messages caught my attention today: Water availablility and a significant reduction in the UK wheat harvest. Water availability The first, in my inbox: An invitation from John Kempf’s RegenAg Academy to a course on water availability in the soil, and how to improve it.It asked the excellent question, why some plants suffer droughtContinue reading “Hope, fear and skill building”


As more and more plants struggle under the influence of erratic weather and changing climate patterns, with prolonged and repeating droughts, I need to understand better, learn more, and become a facilitator of soil and plant health. In my quest to do this, I am keeping this blog as a diary and resource collection. AndContinue reading “Welcome!”