Soil microbe libraries

Trying to find examples of what I am looking at, I came across the following resources. What do you find helpful in your explorations?
Please add to the comments below.

Comprehensive resources covering several groups of organisms

The European Union has published several soil atlases for Europe, Latin America & the Carribean, the Northern Polar regions, Africa, and most recently, the Globe.

Fantastic resources!
They are complemented by a soil database at the European Soil Portal.

There will be objects under the scope that are intriguing, but not covered in the soil food web course. Some forum discussions will be helpful, and also this resource to correlate “unidentified objects”. Like this one, for example:

What do you think this is? Answer at the bottom of this page.

The soil microbe library unfortunately has a habit to be more offline than online. When it is available, it has some useful examples, but also leaves a lot of questions open. Work in progress?

However, there are good instagram resources, for example, from Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web School and RootShoot Soils.


Beautiful images and excellent cataloguing of all things amoeboid


Pictures from different functional groups of soil nematodes help with ID

A nematode database, very comprehensive, some pdf lectures if you dig deep enough. Best for a long winter’s day or much rain.

Good images and explanations of different types of nematodes to understand their life cycles and how plants respond.

And, what do you think the picture shows?

The filament shows a feather. A Jay feather perhaps?!

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