Practicing: A soil health blog

Moonlit soil sampling

Sometimes magic just happens.I was visiting friends holidaying a little way out in the country. We met for supper and a game of skittles. Getting back to work the following day meant leaving well before sunrise. Something drew me out into the garden.Not just the full moon.Into the kitchen first, to find a tea spoon…

Nematode extractions

Why do a nematode extraction? Diversity assessment:To figure out what nematode diversity is in the soil or compost.Within the first 24-48h the free living, free swimming nematodes will be extracted. Root feeding nematodes are bound to the root environment, move much shorter distance and won’t generally cover the distances within this early time span.Keep the…

The Humboldt pile

Building a new hot compost pile in the company of curious, fun, disciplined and inspiring Alexander von Humboldt. Not sure he is responsible, but surely affirming in trying some soil biology experiments…


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